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Our Expertise

Toler Brand Solutions can provide the full range of business start-up, research, analysis, strategy formulation and implementation. For both traditional brick-and-mortar and e-commerce business models our expertise can help increase your organizations probability of success
New Business Start-up

Toler Brand Solutions can guide entrepreneurs through every step the new business start-up process. From brainstorming ideas to planning to full business launch. Insightful analysis combined with practical experience can help entrepreneurs avoid the many pitfall that can sink a budding new venture. 

Analytics and Research

Toler Research Analytics is the division of Toler Brand Solutions focused on research projects and business analytics. Whether the research question requires primary or secondary data, a research plan can be designed to gather and synthesize the data needed to form actionable information. 


Creative Services - Light Five Arts

Light Five Arts provides graphic design, web site design, photography, video editing, and music production services. Our creative staff can craft innovative and visually stimulating designs and presentations that will attract attention and stimulate engagement.

 Distribution and Retailing

The Toler Products Group, LLC, a division of Toler Brand Solutions, operates as the distribution and retailing operation for consumer and industrial products. this division implements the marketing strategy of a firm by creating and managing the infrastructure needed to move products from point of manufacture to the point of sale. 

The Toler Product Group oversees all functions related to forecasting, production, inventory control, logistics, and point of sale retailing. Our experienced managers can handle e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar business operations. We can design a distribution channel well suited to your product marketing needs, utilizing either third party or your firm's own distribution and retail supply chain components. 

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